Advantages of Choosing Automated Tools for Performance Testing

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Performance testing is performed to determine how a software/application performance in terms of stability and responsiveness under specified load. This testing also used to validate performance and other quality attributes such as reliability, scalability and resource usage. Performance testing is a division of performance engineering and emerges as best practice which strives to build robust performance in to design, implementation and architecture of a system. HP LoadRunner is most popular and widely used automation tool for performance testing. This testing tool provides precise information about a software application in terms of scalability and performance. LoadRunner training in Chennai @ FITA will help you to be software tester in leading MNCs.

Manual testing vs. automated testing has always been huge debate among the software professionals. Most of the software testers implement both these techniques for the development and deployment of quality software product. Automation testing is essentially using code to write test scripts that perform automated tests on specified software/applications. This testing approach is totally different from manual testing. Here, testers can created automated scenario and supervise it. This automation testing is mostly used for regression testing, which identifies new bugs in the coding part and isolates them. Typically, regression testing is very tedious and time consuming.

Apart from coding based testing, the other advantage of automation testing is user environment simulation. Testing software under actual load will help you to understand certain application performance and behavior in real time scenarios. Here are some advantages of using automation tool for performance testing.

Efficient Testing:

Automation testing is best option to make testing process extremely efficient. This software tool can handle repetitive and time consuming tasks with ease. This is greater way to save more time, money, resource and make huge return on investment (ROI).

Reusability and Upgrade:

The most incredible advantage of test automation is reusability. The test scripts can be used to validate several software products with fewer modifications. Thus, even though test automation is quite expensive, testers need to realize that automation testing deliver precise, long lasting and scalable results.


Automation testing tools provide consistent platform for all your testing needs. Test automation significantly reduces the margin of error by using pre-loaded instructions. Regression testing will check for pre-existing functionalities that are needed for new versions.

Unique Programmability:

Test automation tool is used to build exact test specifications. It servers are prime component for future test scenarios. Software automation tools are built with flexibility features that handle unique product development, while satisfying latest testing and security protocols. The popular automation testing tools include Selenium, LoadRunner, QTP, etc. IT makes automation testing tools as powerful resource for time-saving, efficient and top notch results.

User Environment Stimulation:

Automation testing tools has unique capability of creating user environment through mouse clicks and keystrokes. Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing is most time consuming and redundant process because testers need to use simple clicks to create specified load on particular software application or environment. The mock users are generated to virtually create massive load that software going to face in real-time situation. Get in touch with FITA, leading Loadrunner Course in Bangalore offering real-time training on HP LoadRunner automation tool by experienced professionals as per industry standards. Join us, for massive career opportunity in software testing domain.

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