The future of Selenium Automation Testing

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Automated software testing is the process in which software application/system is validated using pre-scripted test before deployment. The main aim of automation testing is to simplify the testing effort and to determine the performance and behavior of a software product. Gradually, automation testing is replacing the manual software validation as its time consuming, effective as well as efficient. Nowadays, automation testing tools like Selenium, LoadRunner and UFT are getting very popular. When testing web application and related products, selenium is most used testing tool among the software testers around the world. Selenium is an open source tool that receives huge support from most of the organization and mostly adopting as commercial testing tool.

Recently, Selenium automaton tool is acquired by Google open source community. Most of the enterprise adopting selenium to cut down overall software development cost significantly. This automation tool is loaded with more salient features and functionalities compared to other premium tools available in the market. Open source is always cost effective, license free and provide long term solution even for individual software testing experts.  Being most used tool for testing web applications, selenium offers huge career prospects for talented professionals. Thus, selenium training proves worthy for individuals looking to enter software testing domain.

There are several reasons why the future of Selenium looks so promising. Every organization is striving very hard to develop and deploy quality product that deliver immense user experience. In this regard, Selenium automation testing is perfect. Here are some reasons:

Free and Open Source:

Selenium testing tool was released under Apache 2.0 license from ThoughtWork. Thus, this framework is open source and it can be downloaded and used without any license agreement. Moreover, you no need to pay fees to use this automation testing framework. It can be easily accessed by small, medium, large corporates as well as independent software testers.

Cross Platform Support:

For any web application, it is important to run on all operating systems as well as web browsers. Cross platform support is mandatory to keep visitors engaged. Software testers need efficient tools that help them to validate the App performance quickly on web browsers. Selenium is a portable testing application that readily integrates with most of the web browsers. Simply, software testers can launch the web browsers and run the tests. Selenium automation framework works on popular operating systems including Linux, Windows, Solaris and OS X.

Selenium IDE:

Selenium IDE is loaded with various advanced tolls that assist software testers to record, edit and debug the tests. No additional effort required from the testers. With this automation tools, professionals can edit the test scripts manually to optimize the test management. You can use auto completion features to edit the test scripts and advance with the command.

Selenese Programming Language:

The programming language in which test scripts are written is called as Selenese. With selenium automation tool, testers can choose programming language based on their preference. This automation framework supports various programming languages like Ruby, Java, PHP, Python, C#, Perl, etc.

Incredible Support and Documentation:

Proper training is need to for professionals when they shift to new technology. Adequate documentation and tutorials provided with this automation testing tool. Therefore, software testers can use the guide to understand the functioning and features of the tools. In addition, several organizations provide support related to selenium course and tutorials to assist the professionals.

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