Loadrunner Training In Chennai: Why To Loadrunner For Performance testing

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Performance testing is the software testing process used to validate the performance and the behavior of a software application. In this software validation process, the software application is tested and tuned with the aim of exploiting the required performance.

In this agile software development lifecycle, software developers need to complete huge amount of task in short span of time, it might leads to various errors and bugs in the coding part.  Every software development industry is striving very hard to deliver quality products catering the clients business or individual requirements. Delivering faulty or less performing application might affect client business and ruin your reputation too. Thus, you need to validate the performance and functionality of software application before deployment.

The performance testing is a part of performance engineering that includes what generally refers to as load, spike and stress testing. It also includes validating the system performance. The system performance can be classified into three main categories.

Speed: Does the software application/system instantly respond enough for the intended users?

Scalability: Will the application/system is capable of handling expected user load and beyond the limit?

Stability: Is the application/system is stable under expected and beyond user loads?

Why to Automate Performance Testing:

  • Here are some valid reasons to carry-out performance testing
  • Does the application/system is quick enough to handle the intended users?
  • Is the application is capable of handling maximum user limit and beyond?
  • Whether the application is capable of maximum number of transaction required to the business?
  • Whether the application is stable and continues delivering same performance under expected and unexpected user loads?

By keeping these factors in mind, automated performance testing calculates the impact of a modification in business terms. You need to clear the errors and bugs in the software application before deployment. An effective automated performance testing will assist software developers to make use of informed release decisions, eliminate system downtime and solve available problems.

Why to Use Loadrunner Automation Testing Tool?

Loadrunner is most popular and flagship automation testing tool from HP. This testing tool is mostly used for performance and functionality testing. Here are some key components loaded in Loadrunner testing tool that make it as most preferable product for performance testing.

  • The Virtual User Generator will capture the user business process and create a testing script, it is called as virtual user script.
  • The controller manages, drives, organizes and monitors the load testing process
  • The Load Generators create the actual load by running the virtual users.
  • The Analysis tool assists you to view, analyze and compare the performance results.
  • The dedicated launcher offer single point of access to all Loadrunner components.

Load Testing Process:

Load testing consists of five phases

  • Planning
  • Script Creation
  • Scenario Definition
  • Scenario Execution
  • Result Analysis

Why to Take Loadrunner Training:

As mentioned above, Loadrunner is most popular automation testing tool and used in most of the organization. Thus, it has created huge career prospects for skilled and trained professionals. It is recommended to enroll in Loadrunner Training in Chennai to boost your career prospects. FITA is the best Loadrunner training institute in Chennai offer professional training Loadrunner and other automation testing tools like Selenium, QTP, etc.

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