Reasons to Enroll in Selenium Training

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Selenium is an open source automation software testing tool released under the license of Apache 2.0. This testing product was built by Jason Huggins and other testing professionals at Thoughtworks. Selenium testing product is supported by large volunteers of freelance software testers. In recent days, selenium has evolved one of the most popular automation testing products. More and more software development companies prefer selenium over other commercial products. In agile software development process, selenium act as perfect companion for developers in creating high quality and best performing web applications.

Selenium is mainly employed for functional and regression testing. This framework is built in Java and extremely useful for testing web applications. Selenium has loaded with suite of tools which includes

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium Core
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium Webdriver
  • Selenium Grid

Test scripts in selenium can be written in HTML and in other popular programming languages like Java, Ruby, Python, C#, etc. Since selenium is integrated by Google community, you can avail extended support from the online community.

Selenium IDE:

Selenium IDE is a Firefox extension which supports recording, editing and debugging of tests. Selenium Integrated development platform is created by Shinya Kasatani and sponsored to Selenium project. You can record and play test cased using the selenium IDE. It minimizes the manual effort and saves lot of time while retesting.

  • Create and run test scripts
  • Can pause and apply breakpoints at anytime
  • Scripts can be edited manually
  • Extensive programming language support

Selenium Core:

Selenium core is more a component of selenium project. Without exploring the project history, selenium automation can be installed as the collection of .js file that automate web browser.

Selenium Remote Control:

Selenium RC is also known as Selenium 1, which offer more robust and flexible approach to create and execute browser tests. With Selenium RC, it is possible to run test scripts on JavaScript compatible browsers using popular programming languages.

Create test case using most popular programming languages

  • To run test on all popular browsers and operating systems
  • To run tests across several environments using selenium grid
  • Test web application with complex AJAX solution

Selenium WebDriver:

Selenium webdriver is the descendant of Selenium RC, which accepts commands and sends them to web browsers. This driver launches and accesses web applications such as Firefox and Internet Explorer. It also stimulates web browser using HTML Unit. Unlike Selenium 1, you no need any special server to execute tests. Instead, web driver initiates and controls it.

  • You can a specific programming language based on your desire
  • To validate an application that is loaded with rich AJAX functionalities
  • To execute test on Html Unit browser
  • To create customized test results

Selenium Grid:

Selenium grid is a server that allows tests to utilize web browsers running on remote machines. It allows running test cases on parallel machines and to handle browser versions and configure centrally.

  • To run test scripts in multiple browsers and operating systems concurrently
  • To run massive test cases in soonest time possible

Why Selenium Training?

Being popular test automation tool, selenium is used in most of the organizations to perform functional and regression testing. Thus, it increased the demand of professionals who can handle selenium testing tool well. Training on selenium technology will assure bright career for both fresher and experienced professionals. Nowadays, there is several IT training and Placement institutes offer Selenium Training in Chennai. You need to choose reputed training academy offering hands-on training on software testing domain.  FITA is most popular Best Selenium Training Institute in Chennai offer professional training on industrial experts combined with real-time projects.

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