Selenium Training : Getting Started with Selenium Automation Testing Tool

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Selenium is an open source automation testing tool used to validate web application. This automation testing framework works on most of the web browsers and operating systems. It is most flexible and user friendly automation tool. Software testers can write test scripts in several programming languages such as C, C++, Java, .Net, Perl, Python, etc. and execute them on different operating system by using selenium automation tool.

Why Selenium Automation Tool?

Selenium is most preferred automation tool among software testers for validating web applications. The demand of this automation tool is further increased by its advanced functionality, cross platform support and user friendly interface compared to other testing tools available in the market. Selenium also allows you to write and customize test scripts based on your testing needs.  For example, if the application under validation is developed on PHP, it is not mandatory that scripts written only in PHP, the test scripts can be written in either .Net or Java. Here are some advantages of using selenium automation tool.

  • Selenium is an open source automation testing framework. This tool is loaded with various advanced features and functionality compared to premium testing tools available in the market.
  • Being open source automation product, selenium is most used tool for testing web applications. It has created huge employment opportunity for professional with selenium training and certification.
  • Selenium test environment is very easy to install and configure
  • This automation tool automatically generates and executes test scripts in several browsers/systems simultaneously.
  • Selenium comes with various components that can be chosen based on the testing requirements. This environment facilitates mobile application testing.

Selenium Automation tools encompasses four main components.

Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment):

  • Selenium IDE is very simple and easy to use automation suite. It comes as a plugin in the Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • You no need to have deep expertise to create and execute tests.
  • This suite is very popular among beginners to learn and explore about automation testing and selenium commands like type, open, click and wait to validate web applications.

Selenium RC (Remote Control):

  • Selenium RC helps testing professionals to run tests on different browsers on different operating systems
  • Selenium RC is the combination of selenium servers and client libraries such as Java, C, C++, .Net.
  • This suite can be test application under validation against new browsers.
  • Test scripts created in Selenium RC can be deployed on multiple environments.
  • It allows to test web applications with complicated AJAX based Scenarios.

Web Driver:

  • Selenium web driver is a cross platform testing suite that controls web browser from the Operating System Level.
  • It can be used for testing applications rich in Ajax functionalities
  • With Selenium web driver, you can create customized test results

Selenium Grid:

  • This suite is used to run numerous tests in parallel
  • Tests that are run in parallel can be executed in several web browsers running in multiple systems powered by different operating systems.

Selenium tools with its compatibility and interoperability among various operating systems and browsers, it stands out from other automation tools. With many salient features and functionalities, these automation tools facilities testing web applications easily, invariably in less time and reduce overall expense.

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