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Software testing is the process of validating the quality, performance and potential of a software application. Testing will gives precise assessment about a software product. Software development industries spend huge amount of resource, time and manpower for developing application based on the requirement specified by the individuals or enterprises. In agile software development process, software developers tend to make some errors in coding or other development part. It may ruin the overall performance and quality of a software application or environment. To make sure that the software application is free from all bugs and errors, various testing procedures are used in software development industry.

The importance of software testing is directly linked to the ability of software to functions to its potential. If the developed software application fails to perform the task it originally designed for, client needs to face serious issues in handling their business process. The scope of the software testing is to identify bugs and other errors in the development lifecycle and fixing it immediately. Some of the leading software testing methodologies in software development industries include manual testing, general testing, functional testing and regression testing. Enrolling in Software Testing Training in Chennai will ensure massive career opportunity for both freshers and experienced candidates.

Scope of Software Testers:                                                                                  

Software testing professionals are in huge demand both in India and abroad. Indian Testing Board has more than 30, 000 certified testers in International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) foundation level exam. It is globally accepted certification for software testers. Software testing is more challenging domain. At the same time, it offer lucrative salary package for talented professionals. Every day, hundreds of new software applications are launched in the market. As a result, there is huge demand for software testers who can validate software product at various levels.

According to recent survey, India is going to be the popular software outsourcing destination in world because of its operational efficiency and talented workforce.  As a software tester, you career advancement will follow the following hierarchy.

Junior Test Engineer –> Test Engineer –> Senior Test Engineer –> Team Lead –> Project Manager

In agile software development process, software tester works with the developer’s right from the start. They will be the part of SDLC,

  • Requirement analysis
  • Test Planning
  • Test Development
  • Test Execution
  • Test Reporting
  • Test Result Analysis
  • Defect Retesting
  • Regression Testing
  • Test Closure

The average salary package of software testing tester is anything between INR 25,000 and INR 70,000. The package will be determined based on various aspects such as experience, domain and individual expertise.

Software testing is a huge domain that includes both manual and automation testing. Various automation testing tools are used to determine the quality of software application such as LoadRunner, Selenium Online Training, QTP, etc. Freshers wiling to be the software testers need to be well versed in manual testing, writing test scripts and hands-on experience in handling automation tools will be the added advantage. Thus, you can enroll in software testing training from reputed IT academy for bright career opportunity.  FITA is reputed Software Testing Online Course offering professional training on manual and automation testing tools at affordable price.

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