How to creating and running Adwords campaign?

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Digital Marketing CourseThis is highly essential for every digital marketing professional should know how to creating and running a Google Adwords campaign. In this article, I will you the information about setting up your Google Online Marketing Challenge student dashboard and online ad campaign using Google Adwords. If you learn Digital Marketing Course, you will learn all the campaign running procedures in a practical way.


Way in Student Dashboard

When your professor has acknowledged an email notification and has confirmed your student team, you can able to access your Student Dashboard with the email account worn by your team leader during the process of registration. Next step, your team members can add the mandatory information to the dashboard, shift onto selecting competitors and preparing AdWords Pre-Campaign Report.

Write/Submit your Pre-Campaign Report

You must write or submit your pre-Campaign Adwords Report, to achieve something and have excitement in the challenge; you must understand what actually the industry does and what it hopes to get from the online marketing. Allot some time to meet with the industry and write/submit your Pre-Campaign Adwords report. Before start your campaign and your request crediting, you must be uploaded the report to Google. Please learn more about writing Campaign Report in our Digital Marketing Training in Chennai.

Gain knowledge of Adwords

Adwords is simple to learn, but it’s really hard and very challenging for the Digital Marketing professionals. It is important that you are comfy with Adwords and have an excellent account structure from the beginning. Happily, you have a number of online resources to help you to study about Adwords, but taking classroom Digital Marketing Course in Chennai will be effective than others. There you will be getting a chance to run a live campaign so that you can easily remember how to run Adwords campaign without having any doubts.

First Upload Your Pre-Campaign Report and Ask for Crediting

You will not able the re-upload your Adwords Pre-Campaign Report after your request for crediting. Once Google confirms your crediting request, within 5 working days, they will give your crew with the email address and Adwords customer ID along with a set of instructions on how to setup a password and expand access to the new Competition Account. You can get all the instruction will be listed in the Student Dashboard. Please check your Student Dashboard for details and once is there, make sure that you must take a note of your Team CID and password

 Once you obtain credit in your Google Adwords account, you can start run your own Adwords campaigns. For that, you need enough knowledge about how to set budget and everything. Without having a good knowledge you will meet a lot of issues, huge money and be wasting more time. Take training from Digital Marketing Chennai to become a master of creating and running a Google Adwords campaigns.