Future of HP LoadRunner Automation Testing Tool

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Performance testing is most important factor to determine the quality of a software application or environment. While the application is efficiently designed and tested for quality assurance, it may lack the ability to lodge thousands of concurrent users. Performance testing measures the actual performance and potential of an application. It reflects the scenario, where thousands of concurrent users using the application. Thereby, it calculates the performance of application in terms of stress management, load balancing, endurance and scalability. As the environment needs thousands of simultaneous users, automated testing product is used to carryout performance testing. HP is pioneer in this section with its trademark HP LoadRunner automation tool. LoadRunner training in Chennai @ FITA will ensure lucrative career opportunity for aspiring professionals.

What is HP LoadRunner?

HP LoadRunner is automation testing product from Hewlett Packard that is specially designed to perform non-functionality testing like performance testing. It unbridles the true potential of application before deployment. With rapid advent in technology and cloud computing networks, it is mandatory to validate every application for scalability and load balancing feature before releasing it for customers. Aptly speaking, you need to create best performing application that caters the requirement of a business or individual needs. In this past paced world, every one of us needs instant results. With wide range of options available to the customers, businesses have only minimal time to satisfy the customer to stay on the application.

In such condition, software application load tome is very important. You need to make sure that the software application loads in quick span. At the same time, the responsive time should be minimal and user friendly too. When user feeds the data, application needs to give precise and quick information. In addition, scalability is another important feature that determines the quality of a software application. You need to sort all the issues when launching the software application. HP LoadRunner is capable of creating thousands of virtual concurrent users through its advanced component named Virtual Vuser. So, you can able to test the application in maximum load, similar to real time usage.

HP LoadRunner in Cloud:

HP LoadRunner offer various intuitive automation testing tool that systematize the non-functional testing process to determine the quality and performance of a software application. With the expansion of cloud technology and its application, there is a huge demand for cloud testing in recent years. At the beginning, HP LoadRunner lacks this important feature. Now, the software testing professionals can take advantage of cloud-based HP LoadRunner version to validate your application and enjoy huge return on investment (ROI).

This automation testing tool integrates with Amazon EC2 to provide maximum scalability to businesses of all sizes. The main advantage of cloud testing is the establishment of the real-time testing environments. Being the advanced software testing tool, LoadRunner offer huge employment opportunity for aspiring professionals will be to be software testers. Training on this popular automation testing tools like LoadRunner will ensure huge employment opportunities for both freshers and experienced people. FITA is Loadrunner Course in Bangalore offering training through industrial experts with years of professional experience.

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