Installation features and procedures of Selenium IDE

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Selenium Courses in ChennaiSelenium Integrated Development Environment or Selenium IDE is a testing tool by Apache Software Foundation. This Selenium Software testing tool is recognized as speediest and easiest framework to test software. The framework does not require the clients to access the full knowledge of technical aspects and programming. Some essential knowledge of HTML and JavaScript would be useful when working with the selenium testing tool. Those who are interested can take up Selenium Training in Chennai to explore more.

Plug-in Download and Installation process

Since Selenium IDE is an open Source we can download in free of cost from the official website of Selenium. Here is the process of downloading and installing

  1. The initial requirement to work with this test automation is Firefox browser
  2. We can also have downloaded and installed it from the “Add-ons” option of your web browser
  3. When Firefox is open press CTRL+ Shift + A, you will be in new tab
  4. In new tab type “Selenium IDE” which is available at the top right.  You will able to see the list of relevant add-ons
  5. You can choose the plug-in that you want to install

Selenium Interface features

Once you installed the plug-in restart the browser. You are now ready to run the test. In the ‘Tools’ tab of your Firefox browser, you can see the Selenium IDE option.In the Selenium window, you can see the Menu bar, Toolbar, URL bar, Test Case Panel, Editor.

Menu Bar

The options available in the Menu bar are File, Edit, Options, help sub-menus, Actions. File menu option allows you to generate new, open existing and save current test cases. The selected test cases will suites to the coding which is supported by Web Driver frameworks and Selenium RC.


Here you can enter the website URL

Tool Bar

This allows the developers to set and control the speed of playback while recording and playing the test cases and test suites.


Editor Section permits the user to save the all the activities that are happened in the test environment

Test Case Panel

This permits the software tester to see the results

Log Panel

Log panel shows the concurrent test cases’ real-time logs

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