An overview of C and UNIX

C Training in ChennaiC is a powerful programming language, it is fast and available on all platforms. C is the basic one for all programming languages. C is not much difficult to learn, it is the easiest language. Generally, C programming supports for all development process. People who are new to the programming can implement basic data structures in C coding they will also learn the basic control flow, pointers, arrays, if-else statements, loops, etc., Build the programs with lots of features, this will help you to implement programs and that will use typedefs, macros, scoping rules, storage classes, bit-fields, unions and much more. Learn the programming concepts through C Language Training. C is highly used in Embedded Hardware Programming, reach over at FITA and enhance your coding skills.

C and C++

C is a procedural language and it doesn’t support for objects and class. C++ is a combination of both object-oriented and procedural language. In C coding functions and data are separate, since C++ functions and data are encapsulated together. Know more C programming via C C++ programming Course in Coimbatore, each and every concept has been explained clearly.

C Language is divided into 4 groups

  1. High-Level Language Features
  2. Extended Language Features
  3. Maintenance Features
  4. Must have Language Features

C++ provides some OOPs concepts like Inheritance and Polymorphism, whereas C doesn’t work on these specifications. One can become a good programmer through C++ Training in Chennai  Getting training will definitely help to build apps and websites.

UNIX – What it is and why it matters?

Mac OS, Chrome OS, iOS, Linux, Android and much more used on the PlayStation. UNIX is the most successful operating system of all time, it runs on everywhere. Generally, UNIX is an operating system that was developed in the 1960s. It also has Graphical User Interface (GUI) and similar to Microsoft Windows. Get start to learn more about UNIX through UNIX Training in Chennai. Unix Operating System has three parts; the shell, the kernel and the program.

The shell

It acts as an interface between the kernel and the user. If the user logs in to their account the program checks the username and password and then move onto the next process.

Filename Completion – By typing filename, directory or command and pressing the [Tab] key, the tcsh shell completes the rest of the name automatically. If the shell finds more than one name a person needs to specify the exact query for their needs.

The kernel

The kernel is a computer operating system, it allocates some memory to store the data. It is contrasted with shell such as ksh or csh in Unix Operating System. The kernel manages the system resources (communication between the software and hardware components).

Types of Unix

MacOS X, Solaris and GNU/Linux are the popular varieties of UNIX. There are lots of different versions of Unix and it has shared some similarities.

Every Operating System uses the kernel, without kernel it is difficult to works with OS. Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows all have Kernels. Learn how to install the software through UNIX course in Chennai. Expert guidance is highly helpful to learn the installation in the short span of time. Use this opportunity and enhance your skills in software installation.

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