Oracle Database for Beginners

Oracle Training in Chennai

Oracle was developed in 1977 by Lawrence Ellison. The main purpose of Oracle database is to store and retrieve the data as whenever you needed. Oracle tools and application programs allow users to access the database as without using SQL directly. Oracle DB is uniquely designed for enterprise grid computing, it is the most adaptable approach to oversee applications and data. Grid Computing makes vast pools of industry servers. Learn the recent trends in Oracle database through Oracle Training in Chennai. Expert guidance is helpful to learn all about the database.

Why choose Oracle?

Oracle is considered as the biggest database in the world. Oracle has thousands of clients and it has solid products, solid in support, solid insecurity, etc. Oracle helps to make the programming easier and it is still a leader in the relational database.

It takes major presence in banking sectors, world’s top 10 banks ue this application because it offers powerful combination. Oracle 8i version supports for large database features and it responds well. Learn more about database concepts via Oracle Course in Bangalore. The database like SQL-Server and Sybase using arrays, loops, conditions and so on.

Oracle has four main properties, they are:

  1. Atomicity
  2. Consistency
  3. Isolation
  4. Durability

Flashback Technology

It offers a faster database recovery at the same time it helps to manage and simplify the administration process.

Career Support

Oracle is the largest vendor in today’s IT market, every day the world has been innovating new things with additional features. An aspirant who needs to shift their career in Oracle world can approach Best Oracle Training Institute in Coimbatore. 8+ years of experienced candidates offer training to the candidates with on-going projects, getting training from this institute is helpful to land a great profession. Use this opportunity and enhance your skills in Oracle database.

SQL is the most standard language for Relational DB System. All relational DB management systems like Sybase, Postgres, MySQL, Oracle use SQL as a Standard database language.

Current Versions of Oracle

  1. Oracle Database 12c
  2. Oracle Database 11g
  3. Oracle Database 10g

Oracle Database 12c is the latest generation, it is now available everywhere. Oracle helps to share the data from one to another with high security. Oracle Database 11g runs SQL Command Line, with this a user can share and view their data as per their requirements. Oracle Database 10g supports for conditional PL/SQL statements.

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